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Caring For The Team

How one agency owner improved her touch-point system and created new marketing strategies to push her agency ahead of the competition.


Linnea Freriks opened her Comfort Keepers office in Holland, MI 17 years ago and has always prided herself on providing the best care in her community. As her business grew, she quickly learned that the key to success in the home care industry is a happy team.

Linnea implemented a process to stay in communication with her caregivers and wanted to deliver the best working environment possible. Her process included a series of touch points for newly hired caregivers in the first 90 days of their employment. She also worked to recognize those caregivers that had been with her office for several years. Deciding to take a step further, Linnea partnered with OPS for a Caregiver Feedback Report. "I wanted to make sure that the touch-point system I had created was successful. I also wanted a third party to take a hard look at what my caregivers really needed", Linnea explained.

The Science Behind the Survey

The Caregiver Feedback Report is more than a satisfaction survey. The data provides insights into trends based on a caregiver's years of experience in the home care industry, their years of employment at an agency, and more. The science behind the structure of the survey offers detailed information as to why caregivers stay, why they leave, and what they need to be successful.

A Successful Model

The report offered great insights. Linnea's touch-point system was clearly working for those caregivers new to her team. The system was also successful for those caregivers who had worked for the agency 3 or more years. "Seeing that those team members felt valued and were happy offered the confirmation I needed to know that we were on the right path", Linnea said.

Surprising Results

However, caregivers that had worked at the office for 1-2 years indicated that they were open to leaving. "I was honestly surprised," Linnea revealed. "The report showed me that I needed to focus on those caregivers a bit more. I had touch points in place for everyone else, but not for those team members who had recently crossed the 1 year mark."

The Caregiver Feedback Report also revealed another trend. 80% of respondents had worked in the direct care industry for 3 or more years. "I knew that my team was experienced, but OPS explained that this could be a great marketing tool. I have a group of very experienced caregivers and it was something I wasn't even promoting. Having that data gave me a new marketing strategy for both recruiting new caregivers and securing new clients", Linnea stated.

The Caregiver Feedback Report revealed that so much of what Linnea had implemented to create a culture of care was working. The report also revealed insights that allowed Linnea to improve her touch point system and create new marketing strategies. "OPS is incredibly thorough and I'm not sure I would have gotten as much information if I had gone through a different company, " Linnea said. "I would strongly encourage other agency owners to have OPS conduct a Caregiver Feedback Report. The results may surprise you".

The Caregiver Feedback Report by OPS is completely customizable and for as little as $400.00 you gain the insights necessary to keep your agency successful. For more information visit our website or contact us directly at (904) 274-0513.


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