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New Year. New Services.

We've developed new services to place your home care business ahead of the competition.

2020 was pretty insane, especially for the home care industry. Our customers had unique needs and there was not one answer for everyone. New needs meant new solutions and having tested our strategies, we are excited to announce our new services!

Employee Pulse Survey Report

Forget expensive satisfaction surveys! Our report gages things like employment demographics, perceived management engagement, company culture, and more. Take a dive into real insights that can help you improve your employment advertising techniques, revamp recruiting strategies, and improve retention rates. Oh! Did we mention it also includes a 1 HOUR call with an expert to discuss the findings with you and your team? Check it out.

Internal Mystery Shop

Do you know how your employees are managing potential client inquiries? Working from home has meant that some sales processes are being neglected. We can conduct an internal mystery shop to identify how well your team is performing! A final report can provide you with opportunities for growth, revised sales strategies, and ensure that you are securing potential business. Take a look.

Competitive Analysis Report

Shop your competition and build a real advantage with our detailed findings! Most of you are familiar with this service, but we've made some great improvements! See More.

  • Easily navigate the contents of your final report with bookmarks! No more sifting through layers of data. Our new report is much more organized.

  • Revised quality assurance scoring. Methods to secure new business and engage with potential clients have shifted. Our scoring now provides you with a more accurate understanding of which companies are your top competitors!

  • Simpler competitive profiles. We've restructured the profiles to include detailed findings in a more concise manner. Now you can view service information, employee starting pay/benefit information, and quality assurance scoring in an easier format.

Through crazy times so many of you have trusted OPS with your business. We strive to bring you valuable services at an affordable price. Remember, our services are completely customizable. Have an issue? We can help build a solution. Contact Us Today or Visit Our Website for more information on how to grow your home care business.


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