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The real price of employer reviews.

How an increase in online employer reviews from caregivers can create a big impact on your home health business.

Do you post job openings on websites like Indeed or Glassdoor ? These platforms are great for reaching caregivers, but they also offer another feature - one that you probably haven't noticed - Employer Reviews. I have seen a lot of new trends recently, but nothing quite like the uptick in caregivers who can't wait to share what they really think about your company.

The home health industry has long experienced a caregiver shortage and the hiring market doesn't seem to be getting larger. The worst enemy you can have is a caregiver that isn't satisfied with your company. In the wake of Covid-19 websites that present the option to leave an employer review have seen a surge in feedback. These results compile to issue your business an overall score and that score is what caregivers see when you are posting an open position.

If you are reading this, you likely have no idea what type of online reviews caregivers leave for your business, but here are 3 simple things you can do to create a competitive advantage.

1) Encourage your caregiving team to provide positive online employer reviews, especially on the platforms that you list open positions. Increased positive reviews will boost your overall reputation and encourage other caregivers to work for your home health company.

2) Read the employer reviews of your market competitors. Gaining insight into why caregivers are leaving local competitors allows you to build a serious recruiting advantage. Perhaps competitors have trends among the negative reviews like, "They don't provide a consistent schedule" or "They don't pay for my travel time".

3) Restructure your job postings when you understand why caregivers are leaving. Outline the specific things that set your company apart from competitors. Consider listing something such as, "Tired of not being paid for your travel time? At our company we schedule you within a 15 mile radius of your home!"

The take away? The best endorsement a potential applicant can see is the endorsement of a another caregiver. Read the reviews of your competitors, restructure job postings to reflect competitive advantages, and encourage your caregivers to leave positive online reviews for your company to boost your reputation!

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