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Rapid changes in the home health care industry present challenges and opportunities for your agency. 

Onsite Performance Solutions is the home care industry's leading resource for market specific research. We have partnered with home care providers across the country to develop growth strategies based on data driven research. While there are many companies eager to sell national home care data, OPS collects information specific to your market and helps leverage the results to grow your business. We offer two programs which will allow your home care company to improve its overall performance. 

Designed With You In Mind


Competitive Market Analysis Report 

With a lack of research surrounding local markets, home care providers are continuously making changes to their business model with their fingers crossed for good luck. Owners are forced to rely on national data when adjusting caregiver pay, service costs, etc. We don't have to tell you that your market is unique!


OPS conducts research for your local market and provides a final report that encompasses the data relevant to you! While you may have conducted market research independently, making the wrong move can seriously damage your business.  The Competitive Market Analysis Report offers a convenient approach to high quality market research. The final report can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors which you can leverage to give your business a competitive advantage.  

The best part? It's completely customizable! Unique markets mean unique needs. Pricing, data research, and more can all be tailored to your interest and goals. 


More Than A Score

Caregiver Feedback 

Caregiver turnover is a crisis in the home care industry and every market is unique. The needs of caregivers are not necessarily the same across the country.


OPS generates data specific to your caregivers. This program offers measurable solutions designed to decrease the costs associated with caregiver turnover. OPS can help you accurately identify the real price of caregiver replacement, the reasons your caregivers leave, why they stay, and what makes them feel valued.


The best part? The report contains actual strategy based on caregiver feedback along with performance insights.  

*This is a pilot program. Home health care agencies must apply and then be selected by Onsite Performance Solutions. 


What Owners Are Saying 

Tom Donohue


CEO, Comfort Keepers of 

Pittsburgh, PA 

The Competitive Market Analysis Report allowed us to gain realistic insight regarding where we stand relative to our competitors. We can now take tangible steps to gain a competitive advantage in our market

Kathryn Murphy


CEO, Comfort Keepers of Jacksonville, FL 

The Competitive Market Analysis Report I received exceeded my expectations and gave me a true advantage in my market. I would highly recommend Onsite Performance Solutions. 

Doug Stark


CEO, Comfort Keepers of 

Wichita, KS

The Employment Retention Strategy we received allowed us to understand exactly what we could do to ensure we offer the best work environment for our caregivers and effectively communicate just how much we value our team. We were pleased with the results and continue to refer other agencies to this company.  

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