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Our programs are fully tailored to your company. We present solutions that are measurable so that you can actually see the value created for your business and the return on your investment.

Business Model Boost

The Business Model Boost program is a 30 day onsite commitment to your company. We streamline processes, cut costs, use in-house programs to create new revenue, and tailor practices to meet your specific needs.


This program offers a change to your actual business model. There’s no sales gimmick, only measurable solutions that result in real growth.

Employee Rentention

This program is a 2 week commitment to your business. We conduct market research to understand the benefits and pay rates your competitors are offering. We then conduct an in house survey of your current employees to better understand their needs and goals. Next, we assist you in designing a custom retention strategy to keep your top employees and create hiring advantages for new team members!

Building Your BDC

The Building Your BDC program is a 30 day commitment to revamping your business development center. Learn how to utilize the strengths of your team to meet your benchmarks and create a culture of success within your business.

Competitive Analysis

A Competitive Analysis is a 2 week commitment to analyze your competition and help you gain market share. Learn how to target your customer base, identify hiring strategies, and gain a competitive edge.


Boosting Internet Sales

The Boosting Internet Sales program is a 3 week commitment to revamp your Internet Sales Department using in-house tools. An analysis of your current practices is conducted and new strategies are implemented to meet your sales goals. Meetings are held with your team members to ensure new practices are implemented successfully.

Corporate Development

The Corporate Development Program is a 1 week commitment to your business. This intensive program links strategy and operations to develop a lasting advantage. Shape individual strategies, forge values, and teach your team to think long term.


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