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Securing Competitors' Leads

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

How one home care agency owner leveraged a pitfall in the sales process to secure potential clients and grow her own business.

Erin Couchell, Comfort Keepers of Spartanburg, SC

When Erin Couchell opened her Comfort Keepers office her only goal was to help people care for their relatives in their own homes. She had no idea that this part-time job would turn into an incredibly successful career. Over the last 13 years Erin has grown her company exponentially - expanding to two additional thriving locations.

Erin partnered with OPS in 2019 for a Competitive Market Analysis Report. She was really interested in creating a competitive advantage for her office in Spartanburg, SC. While Erin had conducted a little research on her own, she recognized the value of a scientific approach through OPS. She was also very interested in the quality assurance scores which would measure the engagement of her competitors with potential clients. Since the Competitive Market Analysis Report was completely customizable, she requested that OPS measure her own office and how it compared to the other companies that would be surveyed.

The final report confirmed some of the data Erin anticipated and also revealed insights that she didn't. However, there was one particularly interesting revelation. Not a single competitor requested contact information from potential clients. Erin had previously implemented training for her own staff to offer a professional and engaging experience, but was shocked to find that her own office also failed to request any contact information. This meant that her company, along with her competitors, would be unable to follow up with a person seeking services.

The deficient sales process revealed by the final report also presented a unique opportunity. If none of Erin's competitors were following up with incoming leads, then enforcing the collection of contact information for potential clients and creating a follow up procedure meant that Erin could secure the business her competitors were leaving on the table. It was a simple solution that could have a serious impact on her company's growth and something she may not have discovered without the Competitive Market Analysis Report.

The results of the Competitive Market Analysis Report provided by OPS allowed Erin to secure leads that her competitors were not. There was a true value to acquiring market specific data that could provide Erin's business with a competitive edge in a rapidly changing industry. For more information about how OPS can help your home care business click here.


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