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Creating A Caregiver Recruiting Advantage


Today's big word in the home care industry is "Retention". You've likely heard it shouted from the rooftops, attended the webinars, and read the studies that offer numerous suggestions on how to keep caregivers from leaving. While retention is important, you can't start there. You don't want to retain just any caregiver, you want the best. To be successful you need the right road map - so allow OPS to give you the real starting point: Recruitment !

Tracy Kelley became a Comfort Keepers franchisee 18 years ago. She recognized the need for such services and set out to provide unparalleled care to the residents of her community. However, delivering the best care meant recruiting the best caregivers. Tracy wanted accurate information about what her competitors were offering caregivers at the point of hire and, like most owners, she usually obtained that information from the interviews at her office. Tracy would ask questions like "How much were you paid at your last company?" or "What benefits have you been offered from other agencies?". She found that the answers she got varied and were not always reliable.

In 2019 Tracy partnered with OPS for a Competitive Market Analysis Report. She wanted a comprehensive report that accurately provided information regarding the caregiver pay and benefits in her local market. The report revealed that Tracy was one of the lowest paying agencies in her area. How could she recruit the best without offering competitive pay and benefits? She decided to raise her pay rates and offer benefits that competitors were failing to offer.

At the start of 2020, Tracy anticipated an increase in local caregiver pay rates and responded by adjusting her pay scale accordingly. She again partnered with OPS for another Competitive Market Analysis Report. The result? Tracy was well ahead of her competitors. She offered valuable benefits to her caregivers and the highest pay in the market. By making the adjustments, Tracy gave her agency a competitive advantage when it came to recruiting the best caregivers in the area. Furthermore, having the best caregivers meant she could work on retaining the best caregivers.

By partnering with OPS, Tracy was able to obtain market specific analysis. While agency owners are making pay adjustments based on national data, Tracy knew there was no better data than that in her own community. The needs of caregivers in Lakeland, FL are not the same needs of caregivers in other parts of the country. Tracy's focus was to create a recruiting advantage for her company. Market specific analysis provided by OPS allows Tracy to recruit the best caregivers and deliver unparalleled care to those in her community.

You can learn more about the Competitive Market Analysis Report Here or you can email us at


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