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An Agency Owner Finding New Solutions

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

In 2017 I was introduced to Kathryn Murphy, CEO of Comfort Keepers of Jacksonville, FL. Kathryn has been a Comfort Keepers franchisee for over 18 years and providing in-home care is her passion. She is continuously recognized for her success and the accolades bestowed upon her at a national and local level are numerous.

I could tell Kathryn was forward thinking in our first meeting. She explained that she would like to adjust her service rates and confirm that she was compensating caregivers appropriately. To correctly achieve this she recognized that it was necessary to have an expert conduct the market research. I immediately admired her ability to think outside of the box. Kathryn was willing to try something different to make sure that the adjustments made were right for her business. She explained what specific information she was seeking and I went on to build a final report.

Kathryn and I met again in two weeks to discuss the findings of the research. She was impressed with the Competitive Market Analysis Report she received and expressed the difficulty in having access to market specific research. Kathryn went on to educate me about the challenges facing in-home care providers. She stated that market specific research meant she could provide the right service rates to her clients and also better recruit quality caregivers. Overall, this was more than her business - it was her community.

Kathryn knew that other Comfort Keepers franchisees would benefit a great deal from market specific research and went on to refer them to Onsite Performance Solutions. With market specific data, agency owners across the country were able to make appropriate adjustments to their companies. Some weren't charging enough for the services they were providing. Others discovered they should be paying their caregivers more. The result has been a growing improvement to the home care industry.

As an agency owner, Kathryn recognized the need for market specific research. Access to correct data means that home care providers can ensure their prices are appropriate for their market, they can place their company in a better position to recruit quality caregivers, and they can grow their business while meeting the needs of their local communities. Kathryn identified a need and later went on to advocate for a solution which would have a positive effect on the in-home care industry as a whole. Her advocacy is a testament to her success as a business owner as well as her passion for the clients her company serves.


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