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Company Owner, JOY FULFORD

Joy Fulford CX and Market Analysis Expert

If you want to hit a

bulls-eye, take careful aim at

your target. If you want to stumble

around, put on a blind fold and spin 3


Making decisions in business is hard. The

environment we exist in can have a real affect on the future of our success and the actions we take have serious consequences. To make the right decision you need the right DATA. Perhaps the industry has shifted, new competitors have arrived, or you're having to juggle increased capabilities. To hit your goal you must take careful aim. 


I began my career in the automotive industry during the market crash. Businesses were failing and I quickly learned the value of loyal customers. To set the company apart I had to identify how our competitors were succeeding and where they were failing. I put myself in the customer's shoes and leveraged the information I

had about my competitors to build our business.


At OPS gathering the right data is what we do. We

then help our clients leverage the information to

create customers that become

brand advocates.  No more blindfolds.

No more spinning.  


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