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Boosting Internet Sales
Common Questions
  • Am I missing leads?
  • How can I possibly follow up with all of these people?
  • Why can't I sell more online?
  • How do I stand out on the internet?
  • What is the other company doing that I'm not?

The Boosting Internet Sales Program is a 3 week, onsite commitment to your Internet Sales Department. The program focusses on lead generation and management, customer follow up, sales strategy and sales processes.


Use in-house tools to generate new and valuable leads. Develop personalized customer followup techniques to build lasting contacts and referrals for future sales. Rebuild your sales team and document processes to succeed at meeting your longterm benchmarks. Learn how to personalize the selling transaction and gain a competitive online advantage. Create added value for your department by restructuring your department model to manage current sales and successfully maintain future business. 

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